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How to choose the appropriate supporting equipment for concrete mixing plant?
February 04th,2021

There are many customers who are consulting this question, and I will introduce you to the purchase skills and methods of commonly used auxiliary equipment in concrete batching plants.

1. Selection of sand and stone supply equipment The commonly used sand and stone supply equipment are belt conveyors, hoppers and weighing devices.

10m or 15m mobile belt conveyor can be selected according to the terrain and layout of the mixing station; bucket loader, bucket or grab excavator, U and electronic metering devices can also be used. The appropriate type can be selected according to the existing equipment and construction conditions.


 2. Selection of cement supply equipment in concrete mixing plant:

Cement is a powdery hydraulic cementing material, which must be sealed and waterproof during transportation. At present, the widely used cement supply equipment includes screw conveyors, rotary feeders, bucket elevators or compressed air conveying. Among them, compressed air conveying is good, but consumes more power.

3. For the selection of material dosing equipment in the concrete mixing plant, the materials used in the concrete should be calculated according to the required strength of the structure to determine the mix ratio.

In order to ensure that the specified technical requirements are met, various materials must be metered using weighing equipment. The material dosing equipment is composed of a feeder and a weighing device, and the feeder plays the role of uniform feeding.

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