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Features of batch concrete mixing plant
June 9th,2020

The system is a discontinuous concrete mixing plant, composed of double horizontal mixers, and multi-dimensional assembly of key components abroad. Users can also specify other foreign mixers.

Measurement system summary measurement: the standard model uses the incremental method to measure, the improved model uses the electronic decrement method to measure; powder measurement: the cement measurement and fly ash measurement hopper is placed above the mixer, and the standard concrete plant is controlled by an AC contactor The lifting spiral does not require precise matching devices; the improved concrete mixing plant uses frequency converters to achieve rough and precise mixing.


Water measurement: Use a three-point floating weighing mechanism, equipped with coarse and fine matching circuits and other equipment to ensure measurement accuracy.

Admixture metering: use sensor load directly, thick and fine matching circuit, metering box and pipeline are arranged separately to ensure accurate measurement. The concrete mixing plant of the dust removal system is equipped with an independent centralized dust collector for centralized processing. The dust removal effect is good, which avoids the formation of negative pressure in the mixer cavity and affects the accuracy of powder measurement. aggregate. The feeding system uses a feeding belt conveyor to lift the aggregate into the intermediate storage hopper at one time. It has the characteristics of compact structure, high reliability and convenient maintenance. The automatic control system uses a distributed computer system to achieve centralized management and reliability.

Technical advantages of transforming concrete plant

The system is equipped with an advanced host. According to user requirements, you can choose products of internationally renowned brands, or you can choose domestic assembly mixers that import key parts.

High batching accuracy uses frequency conversion technology to achieve rough and precise distribution of various materials. Rough mixing reaches 90-95% of the required dose. Fine mixing can achieve a batching accuracy better than 0.5%. High reliability cylinders and other moving parts have a low operating frequency. The reducer is also controlled by the frequency converter to avoid the effects of hard start. Low failure rate and high reliability. It has the performance of mixing equipment, high productivity and high cost performance, but the price is only 1/3^1/2.

The practical data management system can save the production data of the concrete station in real time. It has powerful combined query and various report output functions, and automatically prints the delivery note.

Practical slump monitoring system The practical slump monitoring system can intuitively judge the slump of commercial concrete based on the displayed mixer current curve.

Structural characteristics of intermittent cement commodity concrete plant

The lower outlet of the storage box is large, the warehouse material will not arch (the vibrator does not require a vibrator), the feeding speed is fast, and the feeding time is short. One-time feeding can produce a truck of commercial concrete, the cylinder has a small action frequency and a long service life. . The amount of material added to the weighing hopper by the storage box will not affect the accuracy of the batching.

The batching time and lifting time are combined, the feeding time from the storage warehouse to the weighing hopper is short, and the batching time and lifting time are longer. Therefore, the sensor has sufficient stable response time, the component overshoot is small, and the lifting load is small. The speed of the powerful belt is controlled by the computer and frequency converter to achieve soft start and stop, with small impact and low belt viscosity.



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