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Transport Equipment For Concrete Mixing Plant
January 19th, 2020

Concrete mixing plant is a combined device for centralized mixing of concrete. It is often used for large, medium-sized water conservancy, power, bridge and other projects with large concrete engineering quantities, long construction periods, and concentrated construction sites. So what does the transportation equipment of the concrete mixing plant include?


1. The belt conveyor is used to transport the group, fine aggregate, and used in a large space and a high degree of automation of the mixing plant.

2. Bucket elevator, which can lift various raw materials, is mostly used to raise fly ash and other admixtures. In two-stage mixing plants, bucket hoppers are also commonly used in bucket elevators. Generally, small concrete mixing plant production lines are bucket-type. With bucket elevator.

3. The screw conveyor is the main equipment for conveying cement and fly ash. It is mostly transported in closed pipelines, and is less affected by the outside world. It can ensure the quality of the materials. Belt conveyors are used in the production lines of large concrete mixing plants.

4. Pneumatic conveying pump mainly uses compressed air to send cement and fly ash from the bulk cement truck to the silo.

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