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How does the automatic feeding mixer load materials ?
December 2th,2020

The automatic loading mixer is a hot mechanical vehicle for the production of concrete, because it is fully automated to produce concrete whether it is loading water or mixing and unloading. Many friends who have not been exposed to the self-loading mixer will be curious, how does it work? I will give it to everyone now.


Popular science. Automatic. The feeding mixer has front and rear bodies. The front body is a cab and a loading boom that can lift freely, which is controlled by a hydraulic system. When the mixer truck is about to load, the driver moves the control handle in the cab, and the boom will automatically shovel the material. When the material enters the hopper, the driver continues to manipulate the handle, raise the boom, and raise the boom to the tank After the height of the mouth, manipulate the opening of the rear bin of the hopper, so that the raw materials enter the mixing tank.


Sand and stones used to produce concrete can be quickly loaded in this way, and cement is the same way. Because the cement powder has a lot of dust and is packed in bags, considering this, Sinoroader machinery specially added serrated blades in the middle of the bucket when designing the bucket of the mixer truck. When loading the cement material, the worker can directly throw the cement bag full of cement in. The serrated blade will automatically cut the cement bag, and the worker can take out the cement bag. It is simple, direct, easy and convenient.


Of course, in addition to the unique design of the serrated blade, the Sinoroader self-loading mixer has many details _ unique design, which brings great convenience to the efficient production of concrete. The above is the feeding process of the automatic feeding mixer truck. It is so simple and convenient, and the charm of science and technology is really charming.



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