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Have you met these requirements in the maintenance of the mixing plant?
May 9th, 2020

Mixing station maintenance

Because the specific structure of the mixing equipment is different, only a general description is made here, and special parts need to be maintained according to the description.

It should be particularly pointed out that the dust resistance of the mixing station is particularly important. The accumulation of dust brings great inconvenience to the maintenance and repair of the mixing station, which reduces the performance of all equipment, shortens the service life and shortens the lubrication time. Therefore, its structure and principle should be considered. The above content can minimize the amount of dust generated, and should be cleaned and maintained regularly.


Maintenance of mechanical parts

1. Main points for maintenance of mixer and batching system:
a. Transmission system
All gearbox gears, reduction gearboxes, chains, etc. should be filled with lubricating oil (grease) as required; the sound of the gearbox is normal, and the reducer and bearings should not generate heat or oil leakage.
The triangle conveyor belt is suitable for tight (10-15mm can be pressed in the middle), and the middle of the transmission chain should not sink more than 20mm.
There is no big wear on the wire rope, the chuck and connection are firm, and the surface has grease (graphite calcium base).
The brake and clutch performance is good, and the brake pads must be replaced when they are worn to a certain extent.

b. Other lubrication parts
The shaft end seal of the mixer is filled with fuel when the host is started, or refueled regularly as required to ensure the long-term normal operation of the oil seal structure.
Other refueling points, such as rotating wheels and tracks, should be refueled regularly.

C. Hybrid system
Check whether the operation of the mixing tank is stable, whether the lining plate and blades are loose, and replace them if damaged. When the liner, scraper, scraper and stirring arm are worn to a certain degree or cannot be adjusted, they should be replaced in time.
Clean the viscous concrete in the mixer in time or regularly. When the concrete on the inner wall of the mixer becomes thicker and thicker, not only should the volume of the mixer be reduced, but also the bonding speed of the concrete can be accelerated; the bonding causes obstacles to the opening and closing of the bucket door. Due to the combination of moisture and moisture, the cement opening will become smaller and smaller, which will make feeding difficult. Therefore, it should be cleaned regularly. The feed line of the mixture may slow down the feed rate or cause clogging due to precipitation and solidification, so it must be cleaned regularly.

d. Installation, tightening and cleaning
The installation and connection of the main body and the support, the loading support and other facilities should be firm, and all fasteners should be complete, complete, and firm; the main body, the site and the operating room should be clean and free of debris; there is no water around the foundation, and the storage during the freezing season Water; fixed vibration parts and connecting parts.



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