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Electric Control and Protection of Lifting Bucket of Large Bucket Lifting Concrete Mixing Station
February 22th,2021

The lifting bucket motor of the large-scale bucket-lifting concrete mixing plant has high power and heavy load, and has relatively high requirements for safety and control. This article mainly introduces how to design a safe and reliable lifting bucket control method and protection measures.

Keywords :lifting bucket; concrete mixing plant; electrical control


Bucket-lift concrete mixing plant has the advantages of small footprint, flexible installation and convenient movement. Well received by users. The small bucket-lift concrete mixing plant has small motor power, light load, short track, and low production efficiency requirements. Generally, the lifting motor is directly started, and the limit switch is used to control the lifting and stopping. Large-scale concrete mixing plant has high motor power, heavy load, and long track. At the same time, large-scale concrete mixing plant pays more attention to production efficiency. If simple limit switch control is used, the control flexibility is poor and production efficiency cannot be maintained. In addition, the limit switch itself has a high failure rate, which is prone to cause major safety accidents and endanger the normal production.

In view of the characteristics of the lifting system of the large-scale bucket-lift concrete mixing plant, we need to first ensure the safe, reliable and stable operation of the lifting bucket, and on this basis, adopt advanced scientific control methods to improve production efficiency.



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