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Characteristics of Concrete Mixers
February 4th, 2020

As a common engineering machinery and equipment, mobile concrete mixers have various models and are widely used. However, it is not impossible to mix concrete mixers with other equipment.

For example, material storage bins such as cement silos.

When using a forced concrete mixer as the concrete mixing station of the mixing host, in order to ensure the speed of mobile concrete mixer batching and improve production efficiency, a cement silo and various material storage equipment are usually equipped.


However, due to low production capacity, it is usually used on a single machine (usually a single type of forced concrete mixer, such as JS500, JS750 mixer) is used on a single machine, or a self-propelled mixer or drum mixer is usually used. Not used for mixed hosts. Self-use projects do not require high production efficiency, and the mixer is provided by a lifting hopper. Automatic stirring is achieved by rotating the mixing barrel. Aggregates wear less on the mixer and yield less. Therefore, it is generally not necessary to construct a material storage silo such as a cement silo. If the corresponding configuration is increased, the use cost increases, resulting in a waste of resources.

According to the working principle, mobile concrete mixers can be divided into two categories: self-falling and forced. According to the working mode, it can be divided into periodic type and continuous type.

The first is the production plan. Choose concrete mixer equipment according to the annual output. When the amount of concrete works is large and the construction period is long, a medium or large fixed concrete mixer should be used. If the concrete workload is small and the construction period is short, a small and medium-sized mobile concrete mixer should be used.

Secondly, according to the choice of concrete type: when the mixing concrete is plastic or semi-plastic, a self-loading concrete mixer should be selected. If the concrete is high strength, dry hard or light weight concrete, a forced concrete mixer should be used.


Third, choose according to the composition characteristics and consistency of the concrete: If the consistency of the concrete is small and the size of the aggregate is large, it is recommended to use a large-capacity self-falling concrete mixer. For example, when mixing concrete with high consistency and large aggregate size, a self-propelled concrete mixer with a high mixing bucket speed should be used. If the consistency is large and the particle size of the aggregate is small, a forced mixer or a small and medium-sized conical inverted concrete mixer should be used.

Fourth, the price ratio of utilities, all methods of seeking equipment technology functions are unwise, will increase unnecessary investment, but only seeking low capital and reducing equipment technology will increase the use of capital, this method is also impossible .



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