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What is the mix ratio of concrete?
May 31th,2021

Concrete mix design is a very important work in concrete engineering, which directly affects the smooth construction of concrete, the quality of concrete engineering and the cost of concrete engineering.

The so-called concrete construction mix ratio refers to the ratio between the various constituent materials in the concrete, that is, the ratio between the amount of cement, sand, stone and water.


    The various properties of concrete, such as strength, durability and various properties of concrete mixtures, are directly affected by its composition ratio; when the ratio is changed, the various properties of concrete will also change; and the amount of cement, How much will also affect the cost of concrete.

In order to meet the workability and fluidity required by certain operating conditions and ensure the strength and durability of concrete proposed in the project, as well as to save more cement, reduce costs, and achieve economic and reasonable goals, it must be selected Appropriate concrete mix ratio.


The accuracy of the ingredients (weighing) of concrete components is an important condition for ensuring the quality of concrete projects and saving raw materials. Generally, the weighing error of cement, water, admixtures and other gelling substances shall not exceed ±2% by weight. The aggregate weighing error shall not exceed ±3%.

    Due to the difference in humidity and density of materials such as sand, stone, cement, etc., the weight of materials of the same volume is often related greatly. Therefore, the concrete mix ratio is controlled by weight calculation. Such a mix ratio calculation method is more accurate than the volume method.



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