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Tips for making concrete mixer wheels durable
July 16th,2020

Concrete mixer trucks often drive on the road. As the car moves, the concrete on the car will also be mixed. After reaching the destination, the concrete on the car is basically mixed and does not dry. It can be used immediately. As the wheels often touch the ground during driving, they will inevitably wear out. How to make the mixer wheels durable?

1. Avoid in-place directions

Because of the poor car feeling, many novices like to drive in the same direction. This bad habit is basically brought out from the driving school. Driving in place will cause the tire wear to concentrate on the same contact surface, causing severe local wear and tear and shortening the service life of the tire. Therefore, the driver should avoid hitting the direction on the spot, but should steer the direction when the tire is rolling. In this case, the ground will bring all-round and uniform normal wear to the tire of the mixer.

2. Avoid hitting the shoulders of the road and falling into potholes

Some drivers have more aggressive parking methods. They like to let the concrete mixer ride on the road shoulder. During the ride of the mixer truck on the road shoulder, the tires will be squeezed, which will easily cause the cords on the side of the mixer truck's tires to break, causing the tire to bulge.


Potholes on the road should also be avoided. When the tires of the mixer truck run through the potholes, the tires of the mixer truck will also be squeezed. The larger the pits and the higher the speed, the greater the pressure on the tires, which will also cause the tires to bulge.

1. Avoid rubbing against the wall

Many times, the tire wall is inadvertently caused when the mixer is on the side, it may be that the driver feels bad, or the driver may drive a little. The side of the tire of the mixer truck is a weak part of the tire. If the wear is serious, it will also cause the tire to bulge and bring about the hidden danger of flat tire. Therefore, the driver should pay more attention to the distance between the mixer and the road shoulder when parking near the side to avoid rubbing against the tire wall.

2. Maintain proper tire pressure

Appropriate tire pressure can ensure that the ground area of the concrete mixer tire is uniform and reduce unnecessary wear and tear. Therefore, drivers should develop the habit of regularly checking tire pressure and keep abreast of tire pressure. You can go to a professional repair shop to check the tire pressure, or you can buy a tire pressure gauge to test it yourself. The tire pressure standard can refer to the tire pressure label of the mixer.

3. Don't lower tire pressure in summer

Many drivers mistakenly believe that the summer temperature is high and reducing tire pressure can avoid a flat tire. In this way, the contact surface between the tires of the mixer truck and the ground will increase, the frictional force will increase, the tire wear will be accelerated, and the tire temperature of the mixer truck will rise faster and the tire will be more likely to burst. Therefore, normal tire pressure must be maintained in summer.

Note that everyone must strengthen the maintenance of the wheels. In addition, the concrete mixer truck should avoid some bumpy roads as much as possible during driving, which can effectively protect the wheels and help extend the service life of the wheels.



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