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Hydraulic System of Concrete Mixing Plant
March 26th, 2020

As we all know, the hydraulic system of the concrete mixing plant is very important. If the hydraulic system is overheated, it will bring great harm to the concrete mixing plant. Therefore, when the hydraulic system of the concrete mixing plant is overheated, it must be handled in time. The reason for the heat, the overheating of the hydraulic system may be as follows:

It is unreasonable to use concrete to stir and drag the pump oil. Oil is the source of power and an essential fuel. Although each type of oil can make the engine work, incorrect oil can cause damage to the hydraulic system. When the gram is low, it is not obvious, but when the temperature is increased, it may cause the viscosity of the oil to decrease and the leakage to increase. The solution to this problem is simple, just use the appropriate hydraulic oil as required by the instructions.

HZS35-stationary-concrete-batch-plant-Malaysia_副本  concrete mixing plant

The fuel tank is unreasonable. The fuel tank is an important part of the heat dissipation of the hydraulic system. If the material or size and location of the fuel tank is not reasonable, it may cause poor heat dissipation and increase the system temperature. According to the data, the volume of the fuel tank must be at least twice the system flow to ensure good heat dissipation. For the requirements of the fuel tank structure, the oil inlet and the oil outlet should be further separated, which is beneficial to the impurities in the intermediate precipitated oil. Place a spacer in the middle for better results.



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