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Trailer Mobile Concrete Batching Plant in Uzbekistan

Date: January 20th,2021

Location: Tashkent

On October 7th, 2020, we received an inquiry about mobile concrete mixing plant inquiry of a customer from Tashkent, Uzbekistan by WeChat. The customer said, “I saw your contact information on the Internet about the equipment of the mobile concrete mixer . Do you have mobile concrete mixing equipment with three aggregate bins. 


Concrete mixing equipment of diesel power type with a production capacity of 30 to 40 cubic meters per hour. Can you please quote me the price? Tashkent, Uzbekistan, I'm in Tashkent now"., can you please quote me a price? Tashkent, Uzbekistan, I am in Tashkent now." Our marketing department manager Ayoub began to service for customers, sorting out customer needs and engineering conditions, and customized a mobile concrete mixer with different configurations for clients.

The main features of this series of equipment: For working process, they are the same as the stationary concrete batching plant, operating method and maintenance, meanwhile, it is with features of easy transportation, convenient assembly and disassembly as well as simple storage management. What's more, mobile concrete plant is widely used to mix no-slump concrete and fluidity concrete. 

The whole equipment has less land occupation, and during the usual working process, the maintenance only needs few people and short time, which greatly save the construction cost. Also, mobile cement plant is suitable for new rural construction. Its high mechanization degree brings a lot of convenience to people.



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Add:Longxiang Industrial Park ,

Weidu District, XuChang,HeNan, China

Add:Longxiang Industrial Park ,

Weidu District, XuChang, HeNan, China

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