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SR2600 Self-Feeding Mixer Truck In Kenya

Date: December 2th,2020

Location: Kenya

On July 2th, 2020, our online customer service Annie received an inquiry from a customer of Kenyan by WhatsApp. The customer said "Kindly may I get a quotation of a 2600L concrete mixing machine."

Then our professional engineer Ayoub from marketing department began to serves for customers.

After communicating with the customer, we learned that the customer has a 6-story house construction project. According to the customers daily production capacity,Ayoub has customized the discharge capacity uo to 2600L and Drum geometrical capacity 3900L self-loading mixer for the customer.

Two weeks later, the customer feedback said that after our careful verification, we think “you are professional and we buy machine from you.So,please send your payment account to us”......

Today, the device has been put into produce, and customers said that the device was fully intelligent, high efficient and stable performance.


Self-loading concrete mixer truck feature:

& Mixing Station + Loader + Concrete Mixer Truck

& One Machine With Multiple Functions

& Compact Structure

& Fast Relocation

& High Efficiency

& Accurately Mixed

& Mixed Evenly

& Saving Labor



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Add:Longxiang Industrial Park ,

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